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US-9405857-B2: Speculative search result on a not-yet-submitted search query patent, US-9406128-B2: X-ray dose distribution calculation for a computed tomography examination patent, US-9406407-B2: Radioactive capture system for severe accident containment of light water reactors (LWRS), and method thereof patent, US-9407016-B2: Coaxial cable connector with integral continuity contacting portion patent, US-9408393-B2: Bismuth-thiols as antiseptics for agricultural, industrial and other uses patent, US-9408447-B1: Game controller travel case patent, US-9410409-B1: Thermal vapor stream apparatus and method patent, US-9411993-B2: RFID detection system patent, US-9414340-B2: Uplink transmission timing advance in a wireless device and base station patent, US-9414621-B2: Probiotics for use in expecting female mammals for enhancing the immunity of their offsprings patent, US-9414883-B2: Co-access foam/electrode introducer patent, US-9415461-B2: Aberration-correcting method, laser processing method using said aberration-correcting method, laser irradiation method using said aberration-correction method, aberration-correction device and aberration-correcting program patent, US-9416563-B1: Combination lock with rotary latch patent, US-9417664-B1: Rack power and data bus patent, US-9417892-B2: Configuration command template creation assistant using cross-model analysis to identify common syntax and semantics patent, US-9420721-B2: Liquid-cooled heat sink assemblies patent, US-9421106-B2: Reverse shoulder baseplate with alignment guide for glenosphere patent, US-9421133-B2: Closed incision negative pressure wound therapy device and methods of use patent, US-9422388-B2: PU compositions containing complexed catalysts patent, US-9422959-B2: Method for interconnection of structural components patent, US-9422977-B2: Bearing mechanism patent, US-9423245-B2: Arrangement for optical measurements and related method patent, US-9423403-B2: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) biomarkers and uses thereof patent, US-9424050-B2: Parallelization and instrumentation in a producer graph oriented programming framework patent, US-9424862-B2: Apparatuses, methods and systems for a digital conversation management platform patent, US-9425700-B2: System and method for series resonant converter protection patent, US-9427096-B2: Container organiser patent, US-9427477-B2: Cancer treatments patent, US-3195251-A: Moisture control method and system for wheel excavators patent, US-9427481-B2: Fluorescent imaging agents patent, US-9427556-B2: Methods for treatment of a body cavity or lumen patent, US-9429720-B2: Polishing jig, ferrule, and optical connector patent, US-9430963-B2: Display device integrated with touch screen panel and method of driving the same patent, US-9433849-B1: Method and system for remotely controlling laser light demarcations of ball positions and first downs in a football game patent, US-9436096-B2: Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method patent, US-9436229-B2: Foldable computing apparatus and method of erecting display unit patent, US-9436638-B1: Full bandwidth packet handling with server systems including offload processors patent, US-9437990-B2: Managed electrical connectivity systems patent, US-9438708-B2: Mobile terminal device, storage medium, and method for controlling mobile terminal device patent, US-9438956-B2: User interfaces for web-based video player patent, US-9440572-B2: Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning seat assembly patent, US-9441202-B2: Molecules with effects on cellular development and function patent, US-9442997-B2: Idle state triggered constrained synchronization of shared content items patent, US-9445861-B2: Methods and devices for controlling ablation therapy patent, US-9449219-B2: System and method for activity monitoring patent, US-9450409-B2: Converter station power set point analysis system and method patent, US-9450888-B2: Providing a bufferless transport method for multi-dimensional mesh topology patent, US-9451099-B2: Methods for providing overdraft protection for post-paid communication service plans patent, US-9451601-B2: Method for multiplexing data for multiple wireless transmit/receive units for high speed downlink channels patent, US-9453121-B2: Chitin nanowhisker composites and methods patent, US-9454014-B2: Illumination device, projection apparatus and projection-type image display apparatus patent, US-9454266-B2: Touchscreen for detecting multiple touches patent, US-9455571-B2: Power limiter patent, US-9456057-B2: Random next iteration for data update management patent, US-9457197-B2: Utility module system patent, US-9458088-B2: Alkoxy compounds for disease treatment patent, US-9458367-B2: Low temperature transport and storage of amine gas treatment solutions patent, US-9461446-B1: Electrical enclosure having a breaker cover gasket and method patent, US-9461992-B2: Smartphone based identification, access control, testing, and evaluation patent, US-9463254-B2: Molecular design toward dual-modality probes for radioisotope-based imaging (PET or SPECT) and MRI patent, US-9463871-B2: Winglet system having upper and lower winglet patent, US-9464599-B2: Cooling system for diesel engine having turbocharger patent, US-9465867-B2: System and method for continuous media segment identification patent, US-9468294-B2: Structure of expandable corrugated storage shelf system patent, US-9468668-B2: Flavored chewable lipid supplements for maintaining health and the treatment of acute and chronic disorders patent, US-9471670-B2: NLP-based content recommender patent, US-9475311-B2: Image forming method and image forming apparatus patent, US-9475871-B2: Treatment of cancer with elevated dosages of soluble FGFR1 fusion proteins patent, US-9477809-B2: Systems and methods for workflow processing patent, US-9478959-B2: Laser welding a feedthrough patent, US-9481297-B2: Illuminated steering assembly patent, US-9481592-B2: Submerged combustion glass manufacturing system and method patent, US-9482595-B2: Rotor state sensor system patent, US-9482850-B2: Monocentric imaging patent, US-9483546-B2: System and method for associating related records to common entities across multiple lists patent, US-9484688-B2: Printed circuit board coaxial connector patent, US-9486131-B2: Apparatus for surgery patent, US-9486449-B2: Cancer therapy patent, US-9486518-B2: Membrane proximal region of HIV GP41 anchored to the lipid layer of a virus-like particle vaccine patent, US-9486784-B2: Thermally stable compositions of OSM free of rare earth metals patent, US-9487337-B2: Layered structures and articles prepared therefrom patent, US-9489232-B2: Techniques for attesting data processing systems patent, US-9489424-B2: Cursor pre-fetching patent, US-9489597-B2: Visualization and analysis of a topical element of a complex system patent, US-9490595-B2: Flippable electrical connector patent, US-9492332-B2: Breathable and microporous thin thermoplastic film patent, US-9493449-B2: Carboxamide derivatives and use thereof patent, US-9495233-B2: Error framework for a microprocesor and system patent, US-9495667-B1: Method and system for categorizing vehicle treatment facilities into treatment complexity levels patent, US-9496661-B2: Coaxial cable connector having electrical continuity member patent, US-9498104-B2: Dishwasher rack assembly having positionable support members patent, US-9498640-B2: Phototherapy apparatus with interactive user interface patent, US-9499942-B2: High basis weight creped tissue patent, US-9499994-B2: Tools for applying coatings and method of use patent, US-9500419-B2: Ram accelerator system patent, US-9500830-B2: Splice-on cable breakout assembly patent, US-9503174-B2: Divide-and-conquer approach to mitigating relay-to-relay interference patent, US-9506152-B2: Resin coated metal sheet patent, US-9506283-B2: Actuator for a furniture flap patent, US-9506831-B2: Micromechanical measuring element and method for producing a micromechanical measuring element patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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